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Outdoor Plants

Plants and flowers have a way of brightening up any mood or décor. Top of the Hill Quality Produce carries a colorful selection of seasonal plants, geranium urns, and hanging flower pouches that are garden-ready to take as gifts to someone special.

And while you’re thoughtfully thinking of others, why not pick up an extra one for yourself and let your outdoor space quietly scream “I deserve this!”.

Top of the Hill’s plants and flowers are so fresh and beautiful, that selections vary daily. Use our online tool to schedule a curbside pick-up, or if you are within a five-mile radius of our store, you can even schedule a delivery right to your front door.

Veggie Starts

Early May - June

For many people, planting is one of the most exciting things about spring.

The excitement comes from watching your plants grow and fruit and being able to take pride in your garden when they are fully grown. However, it's not always easy deciding what you want to plant. 

This spring season, let us help! We can give you advice on how to plan out your garden. We have a wide selection of starts like lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries and more. Why not turn it into a family activity and involve the kids? Don't delay — get those spring starts now!

Hanging Baskets

We provide a wide selection of hanging baskets. Choose from full sun, partial sun, shade, and combo shade baskets, all in a variety of colors. 

Visit our store today for the best selection. Our friendly staff will help you pick the perfect basket for its new future location.

The next time you stop in to pick up your delicious cut of meat for your family meal, or fresh produce and fruit as healthy serve-withs, don’t forget to add a splash of plant color to your grocery list! 

Fresh Cut Flowers

Top of the Hill also carries fresh-cut market flowers from Seattle most of the year to liven up any table, nightstand, or shelf. Why not treat yourself to a bouquet for your desk, or surprise a friend with an arrangement? Choose from two different sizes. These ever-popular flowers are perfect as a get-well-soon or congratulations present, or for extending a thank-you gesture.