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Gift a Basket, Grant a Night of Safety to a Homeless Family

Gift a Basket, Grant a Night of Safety to a Homeless Family

by Top of the Hill on December 4, 2023

Imagine a holiday season where a gift you give not only pleases the recipient, but also extends warmth, care, and a beacon of hope to a family experiencing homelessness. Well, that’s exactly what we at Top of the Hill Quality Produce are offering this holiday season!

We're thrilled to announce that from now through December 31st, we have chosen to benefit Vine Maple Place as our holiday charity. Did you know that just 35 dollars provides a night of safety and care for a mom and kids leaving homelessness? That’s why we have added this amount to our gift baskets. Each meticulously curated, custom-built holiday gift basket from our store is not just a collection of gourmet delights; it's a lifeline of support for a homeless family in South King County, desperate to come in from the cold to find safety, warmth, and food.

Why Vine Maple Place: 
At Top of the Hill, our roots run deep in the Renton and South King County regions, and our history is rich with partnerships that make a tangible impact. From working with school districts to supporting the Emergency Feeding Program and Vision House, our dedication to giving back is unwavering. This Christmas, we're directing our efforts to address a pressing issue in our community - the increasing number of families living in their cars.

In a recent newsletter, Vine Maple Place's Executive Director Michelle Frets stated: “It’s a brutal time to be homeless. I’ve been doing this work for 13 years and the truth is…it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it. Local families feel like they are drowning. Skyrocketing costs are making it almost impossible for a homeless family to recover.”

Our customers are wonderful and have always supported our efforts to give back to our community. By partnering with Vine Maple Place, a local organization that tirelessly works to end homelessness, we are offering a unique way for our customers to show their compassion and make an impact, all while getting their gift-giving accomplished.


How the Program Works:
The process is simple! When customers visit our store, they can purchase a pre-built gift basket or have one custom-made to their liking. Some ideas for basket fillers include luxurious chocolates, fresh fruit, fine wine, or a BBQ-themed basket with savory sauces, spices, rubs, and a gift certificate for premium meat. Upon checkout, a $35 charge is added to each basket. This amount goes directly to Vine Maple Place, funding a 'Night of Safety' for a homeless mom and her kids. Additionally, each basket includes a card indicating that the giver has contributed to this cause. The recipient will not only get to enjoy the wonderful goodies in the basket but also be content in knowing that the basket purchase is also getting a homeless family off the streets for the night.

About Vine Maple Place:
Vine Maple Place is a beacon of hope in South King County, dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational homelessness. With programs that offer more than just shelter - including life skills training, counseling, and employment resources - they tackle homelessness at its root. Visit their website to learn more about their impactful work and how they transform lives daily.

Basket Customization Options:
Our store is a treasure trove of gourmet delights, from the freshest fruits and vegetables to a wide selection of meats, candies, nuts, wines, beers, desserts, and cheeses. Customers are encouraged to hand-pick items for their baskets or entrust our friendly staff with a theme or recipient in mind. The endless possibilities ensure each basket is as unique and special as the person receiving it. Come into our Renton store to request your exclusive holiday gift basket, or order online from our pre-selected choices.

Further Support for Vine Maple Place:
Each basket comes with a special card featuring a QR code. This code leads to more information about Vine Maple Place and offers additional opportunities to volunteer and further support this incredible organization. It's a simple way to make a lasting impact beyond the holiday season.

This holiday season, your gift can do more than bring joy; it can bring safety, stability, and hope to those in need. By choosing a Top of the Hill holiday gift basket, you're not just selecting a gift – you're making a difference in the lives of homeless mothers and their children in South King County. Visit Top of the Hill Quality Produce today and participate in this special holiday initiative. Let's make this holiday season a time of giving, hope, and safety. Together, we can spread some holiday cheer, one basket at a time!

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