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Spice Up Your Holidays with Mulled Spiced Apple Cider

by Top of the Hill on November 16, 2023
The festive season is here, and what better way to celebrate it than with a cup of delicious mulled spice apple cider? In this article, we will explore the world of mulled cider, its rich history, and fun facts, as well as introduce you to Spiceology, the expert spice blend company that will take your culinary skills to new heights.

You will need the right ingredients to achieve the perfect cup of mulled spice apple cider. A high-quality apple cider like Ryan's Honeycrisp Cider, and Spiceology Mulling Spice, which includes cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves, dehydrated lemon, and some oranges, is key to this aromatic journey.

Mulled Spiced Apple Cider Recipe

Begin by pouring your apple cider into a pot and adding a generous amount of Spiceology Mulling Spice. Slice some fresh oranges and add them to the pot, before transferring it to your stovetop and simmering for 15 to 20 minutes to meld the flavors into a delightful concoction.

Products from Two Local Companies 

Before we delve deeper into the world of mulled spiced cider, let's take a moment to appreciate Spiceology, a chef-owned business in Spokane, Washington. Spiceology offers a wide range of gourmet spice blends and seasonings that can transform your dishes into culinary masterpieces. From holiday-specific blends like Pumpkin Spice to all-purpose options like the Prime Rib Rub, Spiceology has covered a wide range of your seasoning needs.  For your convenience, Top of the Hill carries a Spiceology Holiday Essentials 4-pack that includes the Prime Rib Rub, Mulling Spice, Pumpkin Spice, and Turkey Rub. This boxed set is perfect for gift-giving, or for supplying your own kitchen with some of the most popular spices for the Fall season. 

In the video above, Jackie uses Honeycrisp cider from Ryan's Juices, another local company from Hood River, Oregon. Their cider is made with the best apples from eastern Washington, with no added sugars or preservatives. 

History of Mulled Spiced Apple Cider 

Now, let's explore some history and fun facts about mulled spiced apple cider. The tradition of mulling spices dates back centuries to ancient civilizations, including Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, who all had their versions of spiced wine and cider, often using ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, and honey.

The popularization of mulled cider during the holiday season owes much to Charles Dickens' classic novel, "A Christmas Carol." The book's descriptions of cozy gatherings and aromatic mulled wine sparked a Victorian-era craze for spiced beverages during the holidays.

Mulled cider isn't confined to one culture, and there are variations worldwide, such as Glühwein in Germany and Wassail in England. In addition to its delightful taste, mulled cider also offers health benefits, as the spices used, like cinnamon and cloves, are known for their antioxidant properties and potential anti-inflammatory effects.

While mulled spice apple cider is a timeless classic, you can always add a fun twist to make it your own. For an adult version, consider experimenting with ingredients like ginger, cardamom, or even a splash of rum or brandy. Garnish with a cinnamon stick or a twist of orange peel for an extra touch of elegance.


Let mulled spice apple cider be your go-to drink for warmth and merriment this holiday season. Whether sipping it by the fire or sharing it with friends and family, the aromatic blend of spices and the touch of history in each cup makes it a truly magical experience. And if you want to enhance your culinary adventures, don't forget to stop by Top of the Hill or order your holiday grocery needs online. Cheers to a flavorful and festive season!
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