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stack of pancakes with berries, batter mix and syrup

Step Up Your Pancake Game with Papa Ray's Mix and Barrel-Aged Syrup

by Top of the Hill Staff on February 19, 2024
In celebration of National Pancake Week, we are elevating the breakfast staple with a dash of local flavor! Get ready for an exquisite culinary delight as we highlight Papa Ray's Buttermilk Pancake Mix, generously drizzled with the deeply fragrant Woodinville Whiskey Company Barrel-aged maple syrup. Both of these products are available online, with the links in the article below. We'll also give topping suggestions and explain what makes our two highlighted products so special. 

An Ode to Pancakes
Oh, the humble pancake! It's not just breakfast fare, it's a comfort-food staple that crosses cultural lines and geographical boundaries in its various forms.

On a dreary day, the warmth of a freshly flipped pancake can bring a much-needed ray of sunshine. And on a festive occasion, a stack of golden pancakes can be a favorite request to help spark a celebration at the table. 

But the joy of pancakes doesn't end with their mouthwatering taste and comforting warmth. They are a culinary blank slate, waiting to be adorned with an array of delightful toppings. Of course, they're heavenly when drenched in butter and syrup, and the most traditional way for Americans to enjoy them. But pancakes can also be a launchpad for a world of flavors. 

Imagine a dash of citrus zest in the batter or a sprinkle of chocolate chips. Try adding a handful of blueberries bursting with juice, or a dollop of creamy yogurt. And then, of course, there's always the option of adding your favorite nuts sprinkled on top as an appealing finisher. Melted nut butter always makes a good spread, and goes well with maple syrup. 

Yes, pancakes are not just a dish, they are an experience - one that engages all your senses. From the hypnotic sizzle as batter hits the hot pan, to the inviting aroma that fills the room, to the first bite of a perfectly cooked pancake, it's an indulgence that's hard to resist. (Are you getting hungry yet?)

So here's to pancakes - a simple treat with infinite possibilities. A cornerstone of breakfast, and sometimes even dinner tables across the globe. 

Meet the Local Stars: Papa Ray's Buttermilk Pancake Mix and Barrel-aged Maple Syrup
When it comes to creating an exceptional pancake experience, the secret lies in the quality of the ingredients. And that's where our local stars come into play. We're thrilled to shine a spotlight on two remarkable local products that are set to transform your pancake game - Papa Ray's Buttermilk Pancake Mix, "Papa's Special" variety, and Woodinville Whiskey Company's Barrel-aged Maple Syrup.
Originating from Papa Ray's Marketplace, Papa Ray's Buttermilk Pancake Mix in Spokane, Washington, is truly something special. What sets it apart is the careful balance it strikes between lightness and richness. Made with authentic buttermilk, this pancake mix whips up into a batter that cooks up into pancakes with a tantalizingly fluffy interior and a golden, slightly crisp exterior. Every bite is a cloud of delight. 

Next up is the crowning glory of any pancake stack - the syrup. And Woodinville Whiskey Company's Barrel-aged Maple Syrup is no ordinary syrup. Imagine pure, high-quality maple syrup patiently aged in oak barrels that once held whiskey. Over time, the syrup absorbs the deep, smoky notes of the barrel, complementing its own sweet, vanilla undertones. The result is a rich and complex maple syrup that introduces an extraordinary depth of flavor to your pancakes. With its unique blend of sweet, caramel, and oak tones, this barrel-aged syrup takes the pancake experience to a whole new level.

Combining Papa Ray's Buttermilk Pancake Mix with Woodinville Whiskey Company's Barrel-aged Maple Syrup is akin to discovering a perfect harmony in flavors. The light, creamy notes of the pancakes serve as the perfect backdrop to the bold, robust flavors of the barrel-aged syrup. 

We invite you to elevate your pancakes from the ordinary to the extraordinary with these fantastic local products. Because pancakes aren't just a breakfast staple, they're an opportunity to create memorable culinary experiences in your own home. 

Papa Ray's Special Pancake Recipe with Fresh Fruit and Nut Toppings
Ready to craft your own pancake masterpiece? Papa Ray's Buttermilk Pancake Mix makes it easier than ever. To get started, simply follow the instructions on the package, taking care to let the batter rest for a spell - this is the secret to achieving that heavenly fluffiness we all crave in a pancake. 

As your golden disks of deliciousness cook to perfection, it's time to prep your toppings. Choose a mix of fresh fruits - think bright berries, ripe bananas, or juicy peaches. The burst of natural sweetness and vibrant colors they bring can elevate your pancake stack to a visual feast. 

And who can forget the crunchy element? Toasted nuts - whether they're almonds, pecans, or walnuts - add a delightful texture contrast that pairs beautifully with the soft, fluffy pancakes. As you wait for your pancakes to finish cooking, simply dry roast your favorite nuts in a pan or pop them in the oven for a few minutes. 

Once your pancakes are ready, let the fun begin! Layer them high on your plate, alternating with the fresh fruit and toasted nuts. And now, for the grand finale: drizzle the top of your stack generously with the Woodinville Whiskey Company Barrel-aged maple syrup. It’s mesmerizing to watch as it cascades down your stack. It’s a sight to behold - and a taste to savor. 
There you have it - a plateful of pancake delight crafted with Papa Ray's Buttermilk Pancake Mix, ready to tantalize your senses. To learn more about the story behind these local products, here are their website links:
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