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Vote for Top of the Hill Quality Produce in the Best of Renton 2024 Contest

by Top of the Hill Staff on March 11, 2024

Hey Top of the Hill Family!

We are so excited to announce that Top of the Hill Quality Produce has been nominated for the Best Grocery/Convenience Store category in the Best of Renton 2024 contest!

Hosted annually by the Renton Reporter, this contest is a great way to show love to your favorite businesses in Renton, and we would be incredibly grateful if you would vote for us.

Why Top of the Hill Quality Produce Deserves Your Vote

  1. 1. We strive to be your one-stop shop for all things fresh and delicious. We offer a wide variety of locally sourced produce, organic selections, wine and beer as well as other beverages, meats from our butcher counter, and even have starter plants to get your home garden going!
  3. 2. As you can tell by our full name, we are passionate about quality and about being a part of the Renton community. We support various organizations, offer community collaborations with our local suppliers, and give back in different ways throughout the year.
  5. 3. We absolutely love our customers! This year we are celebrating our 20th year in business, so we’ve seen their kids grow up, and their cute little puppies mature into loyal dogs over the years.

How to Vote

Voting for the Best of Renton 2024 starts on Monday, March 11th, and ends on Friday, April 5th. The process is simple!
Here’s how to vote:

  1. 1. Head over to the voting link on the Renton Reporter site at:  https://vote.rentonreporter.com/.
  2. 2. Find the Best Grocery/Convenience Store category and look for Top of the Hill Quality Produce.
  3. 3. Cast your vote!

We can’t win without you!

Thanks to YOUR support, we won the Best Grocery Store award in 2023 and in previous years, and we would be honored to have your vote again this year!

Spread the Word!

Since the winner is determined by the one who receives the most votes, we would love for you to share this news with your friends and family.

Thanks again for your continued support!




Posted by Todd Mincemoyer on March 22, 2024
This place is Amazing!!!! The Meat I've purchased here made our dinner date nights even better! Hanger Steak is a must! Plus all the snacks and goodies, keep me coming back for more! Thanks to the team at Top of the Hill! We're all very glad you're here for us!
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